Which Level is Right For You?

Arkansas Yoga Center offers a range of classes in yoga, tai chi, and other disciplines.Visit our Class Descriptions page to see details about the various classes.

General Recommendations

All the necessary yoga equipment you will need is provided.  We recommend each student have their own mat and mats are available for purchase at the center.

Dress Comfortably
Wear flexible clothing that is not too baggy, but lets you move and feel comfortable.

Eat Lightly
Try not to eat for at least two hours prior to your yoga practice.

Be Scent-Neutral
For the comfort of others, please do not wear perfume or essential oils to class. Do use deodorant.

Be On Time
Please allow yourself a little extra time when you come to class so you don’t feel rushed or interrupt the class in progress.

Drink plenty of water before and after class. Help yourself to the bottled water in the hallway!

Cell Phones
Please turn off all cell phones and pagers while you are in the studio.

Talk To Us
In order to make yoga an enjoyable and safe experience, please let your teachers know of any health concerns or injuries.

Make This a Special Time
Set aside your daily responsibilities and focus on being present for your practice.

Students and Observers
For the comfort of our participants, we regret that we cannot permit observers or children in regular classes. AYC is pleased to periodically present special sessions for our younger yogis.

Let Go of Self-Judgement
One Size Does NOT Fit All, and everyone is different. Your goal is to enjoy your practice and do what is best for YOU. Don’t compare yourself to others.

No question is too trivial, so feel free to ask for clarification when needed.