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Excellent Yoga Therapy Practice



“VariYoga is a safe, accessible, and sustainable practice throughout the changing seasons of our lives.”


VariYoga is an open-minded teaching approach, created with respect and dedicated to helping all people discover the physical, emotional and mental health benefits of Yoga. VariYoga recognizes “One Size Does Not Fit All.”  Yoga is huge, not just in the number of people practicing it, but in its scope and range. No single teacher or school of thought can adequately present every aspect of this amazing and transformational practice. Like blind men trying to describe an elephant, each one, while correct in his limited perspective, fails to convey the essence of the entire elephant.  Dr. Baxter Bell writes a review on the book.  Read complete review HERE.

The foundation for the VariYoga style began in 2001. We began with the intention to present a practice that celebrates the diversity of yoga and is both accessible and sustainable. But more about that later.

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VariYoga DVD – Vol. 1

Get the First VariYoga DVD! Volume One contains 8 sequences that you can mix and match to enhance your home practice. This DVD is also great for enhancing and maintaining a healthy back and spine!

“Veteran yoga instructors Andrea Fournet and Bryan Fowler recognize that “one size does not fit all” in this yoga instructional for both beginners and seasoned yogis. Working on an attractive set with Asian-style furnishings and backed by calming piano music, the teachers lead viewers through a warm-up and strengthening series of poses…Both sessions conclude with a relaxation segment. Clear instructions, a comfortable studio set, good camera work, and helpful yoga adaptations make this useful for both seasoned and new yoga students.”—Candace Smith, Booklist Online

“Yoga DVD collection development is not an easy task, since many discs will not be appropriate for every audience…VariYoga is a perfect disc for any collection. It is brief yet demonstrates simple and accessible Hatha yoga poses…a practitioner at any level will enjoy the class. VariYoga is recommended for all libraries, especially in communities that have a strong interest in therapeutic exercise.”—Manya Shorr, Sacramento P.L., CA

“An excellent home yoga practice DVD. Clear instructions, creatively produced, inviting you and me to experience the joy and health benefits of VariYoga.” –Lilias Folan, PBS Host and author of Lilias! Yoga Gets Better With Age.

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