6:45PM – 7:45PM
$69 – 4 sessions
Limited to 8 students
There are many benefits to prenatal yoga including:
Improved sleep
Reduced stress
Increased strength, flexibility and endurance
Decreased lower back pain
Decreased nausea
Decreased carpal tunnel syndrome
Decreased headaches
Relieves tension of lower back, hips, chest, upper back, neck and shoulders
Increases circulation
Calms the nervous system




Saturday, January 5th  
Join Viknisvari and her family for their second Kirtan workshop at AYC!!  Back by popular demand!!! Come join Vicky (Viknisvari) Willis, her family, and other AYC teachers for a two hour chanting workshop. Part of yoga is not just Asana practice. There is a great broad spectrum of many paths to our well being. Kirtan, the chanting of mantras, helps connect us to the larger whole as well as our more intimate self.   Giving ourselves time to chant ancient mantras can help connect us to a more centered, blissful state.  No experience necessary. We will be supplying chant books.



Healing Retreat with WAH! & Dr. James Leary in March 2019

WAH! introduces toning, meditation, dialogue and discussion to create pathways for healing and communication. Great for anyone interested in improving communication and reducing stress. Bring a friend, sister, brother or family member, come alone; be together. You will leave relaxed and reconnected.   “Embodying the Divine WAH!’s voice and music are a sacred bridge vibrating between Heaven and Earth and sometimes even the Cosmos!. Her heart and soul stirring workshops will take you on a journey connecting to deeper, subtler levels of the inner Self.”  As an attendee/participant of WAH! Kirtans, Healing Workshops and Healing Concerts, in Southern California, these moments in time with WAH! have been an integral part of my own healing journey. What an incredible opportunity for Northwest Arkansas to experience the wonder of WAH!” – Coral Rose

Dr. James Leary will be offering Life Qi (chee) renewal sessions throughout the weekend. While not mandatory, we highly recommend receiving a healing session while he is in town.   Call (407) 967-0906 with questions or to book an appointment.

$279 for entire weekend 
Early Bird Special (EBS) is only $199 if you sign up BEFORE March 1, 2019 
$99 for a single day*

There is a $50 cancellation fee for this workshop and no refund with-in 5 days of the workshop starting date.

*Wah, Dr. Leary, & AYC highly recommend participating in the whole weekend due to the transformation process.

Friday, March 29th: Sexiest Mantras of All Time
7:00-9:30 pm
Mantras for creativity and flow, we’ll explore mantras that specifically relate to qualities of wisdom, creativity and purification. We’ll chant to exalt the divine. It’s an easy way to reclaim your sex appeal!

Saturday, March 30th: Get Your Relationships Back in Order
1:00-5:00 pm
We’ll explore human architecture and how that can inform and uplift relationships. How you receive inner cues and what type of brain you have (visual, auditory, kinesthetic). We’ll explore self-nurturance and self-care. And how to use good energy pathways for communication!

Sunday, March 31: You Deserve Whipped Cream on Top
10:00 am- 2:00 pm (30 min lunch break 12:00-12:30)
We’ll practice give and take, learning how to create harmony and synchronicity through energy and architecture. We’ll emphasize your ability to become a loving guide for your life, and activate the things that are really calling to you. Get your sizzle on and get excited about your purpose!