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Dr. Baxter Bell VariYoga Book Review:  I recently met the author of “VariYoga: One Journey, Many Paths” Andrea Fournet when she was in the Bay area visiting family and took my class. She was kind enough to give me a copy of the book she co-wrote with Bryan Fowler. I took some time to read through it and to practice with the straight-forward yoga practices the book offers. I really liked the book as a home practice book for a couple of reasons: 1) it is spiral bound, which makes it so easy to lay out on my mat and follow long with as I practice 2) the practices will be accessible to both beginners and more seasoned practitioners as well as new students to yoga who are older 3) the photos and bullet point descriptions are clear and understandable, and some modifications are offered. It would be a great addition to your home practice books, and would be complemented by a book that offers more detailed instructions on some of the poses for those who might need it, such as “Yoga the Iyengar Way”, “30 Essential Yoga Poses”, or even Nina’s book with Rodney Yee “Moving Towards Balance”.

Jay McDonald:  Yoga provides a format that allows one to maintain strength and aerobic capabilities by adding balance, posture, and movement and flexibility.  Yoga brings all exercise disciplines together.  The staff at Arkansas Yoga Center exemplifies patience that is the hallmark of Yoga practice.  I have had a recent experience of practicing yoga on several occasions in India and this experience reinforced the professional level of the yoga instructors at the Arkansas Yoga Center.

 Theresa Newman:  I found you on TV this morning! I have been out of yoga practice for several months but it was so wonderful to flip through channels and there you and your husband were, on your mats practicing yoga!  After following your lead this morning, I realize the benefits I have lost by not attending my classes.  Thank you for reminding me how beneficial yoga is to every part of the body.  I felt the tension and tightness melt away.   Thanks again – you are AWESOME! 🙂

Darcy Bradshaw Reifenberger:  I ordered the VariYoga DVD and watched it for the first time last night.  It brought me so much joy to go through the familiar sequences with Andrea & Bryan.  Thank you SO much- the DVD will not only strengthen my home practice physically but spiritually as well.

Sarah Bruton:  AR Yoga Center is a treasure in Northwest Arkansas! The instructors are knowledgeable and help me succeed and reach new goals without any pressure. Andrea is extremely welcoming and has made the center feel like a home. Since practicing yoga here, I have already seen improvements in my flexibility and feel much more in touch with myself. I can work out pain and tension easily. Best of all though, I have really felt more relaxed and have been able to clear my mind of so much stress. I always look forward to classes because the center itself is beautiful and a total refuge from chaos. I am so grateful for AR Yoga Center!

Angela Viator:  I have known and worked with Andrea for years and have always respected her authentic, genuine personality.  When I worked at Jones Television we produced a yoga show hosted by Andrea & it was so hard for me to stay behind the camera while she was teaching…she draws you in & makes you feel the need to participate.  I have recently joined the AR Yoga Center & have been more than impressed by the facilities, teachers and classes available.  I have been doing yoga most of my life & typically practice on my own because the studios are cramped & the atmosphere not ideal, but since joining Andrea’s studio, I feel I have found my ‘yoga home’.

Linda Leseberg:  Congratulations all over again!  I remember buying that issue of Vogue and feeling so proud for Arkansas Yoga.  Your studio definitely deserves the recognition.  It is beautiful, comfortable, welcoming, and so wonderfully ecologically friendly.  Kudos for such an accomplishment!  Oh, on another note: my two students and friends from Camden, who recently attended one of your classes really enjoyed your class, as well as the one they attended the following day.  Thanks for being so helpful and gracious to them.  If I lived closer, I would be visiting more often myself!

Mandy Warford:  I am a Jazzercise instructor who has been feeling lately like I needed to add some more stretching to my life – and I found your weekly show on PBS – and I just wanted to say I am so enjoying working out with you.  I have never done Yoga and don’t know a lot about it, but I like what you do!  Your explanations make it so easy to understand and to follow.  And I love the soft relaxing music, provided by your daughter!  I was very disappointed to learn that you are in Fayetteville!  (I am in Little Rock).  I think I will get the DVD that is on your website.  Just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to the world of Yoga!

 Susan Porter:  Over the past couple of days, I have been listening to a panel of some highly popular seasoned Yoga teachers discuss Yoga Injuries (fact or fiction), appropriate class descriptions for students, alignment issues, modifications with props Vs. traditional asanas, resposibilities of yoga teachers to provide safe enviroments for students…WoW!!!! These conversations with Q &A of seasoned yogis, just reinforce what I already know and it sets my Soul on Fire for Variyoga! We teach our students to trust and develop their bodies with a safe, accessible, and sustainable, yoga practice….When we change our thoughts, we have the possibility to open to freedom! This panel of yoga teachers should have just stream lined the process of hours of preparation and just called you & Bryan!  I am truly a blessed yogini.

Amanda Keen-ZebertI look forward to visiting AYC every chance I can when I visit Fayetteville.  Last summer, I spent two months in Fayetteville and loved my escape to the welcoming space and instructors at AYC.  Because of the diversity offered at AYC, I learn something different and new from each instructor and each session. I especially enjoy the confidence I get from Andrea’s encouragement and step-by-step help to do poses I never thought I could do, the challenging pace in Nicole’s power flow, and the journeys through awareness in Jimmye’s Kundalini class. Thank you for providing a path and place for sanctuary.

Judy Miller: I have been recording your show on Sunday for the last few weeks and look forward to receiving your DVDs. I am recovering from a back injury and have found VariYoga to be extremely beneficial. I have checked with my chiropractor who has encouraged me to add gentle yoga to my therapy. I can’t wait to get your DVDs. Especially the DVD for backs. I am also recovering from whiplash and have made a lot of progress with your instructions for neck and shoulder work. You have been a God-send! Finally I have hope that I can get back into shape and enjoy an active lifestyle again.

Arianna Gaesswitz: Now that my back strain has gotten better, I have eased back into yoga, supta padangusthasana sequence is saving me yet again! Thanks to VariYoga for this sequence, accessible poses, and the philosophy of honoring our bodies (apparently I needed this reminder). I don’t think my back would be healing so quickly if it wasn’t for VariYoga!

Sandy Prince, Hope Cancer Resources: Intro. to Yoga was so wonderful.  I feel better already!

Margaret Howlett: I have MS, but MS does not have me. MS will not define how I live my life. I will. After integrating VariYoga into my daily routine, I began to notice significant differences in my strength and ability to move within just weeks, taking a class every day of the week.  The AYC and VariYoga has become a part of my lifestyle and I invite anyone that wants to help their body feel better and heal to join the Arkansas Yoga Center.

Pan Adams-McCaslin: VariYoga with Andrea.” What a treat to be channel surfing and finding Andrea promoting health and wellness.

Maureen A. Gruich: You are a phenomenal blessing.  I have “dabbled” in Yoga over 30 years…I am so ready to be consistent and honor what I know to be true.  VariYoga is a beautiful recognition of our different gifts.  Thank you.  I hope, one day, to be able to come to the Arkansas Yoga Center (AYC) and join in a class there.  I am so grateful to you & the Jones’ network for giving us your gift throughout the day.

Matt Neumayer: Thank you for the yoga lesson tonight.  I’m still “buzzing” from the energy.  If I can get this kind of energy from an “Intro to Yoga” class, I really can’t wait to do more. I have a broken L4 in my back and a torn shoulder.  I didn’t feel stress on either.  In fact, it helped. The teacher was a pro. Even though we were not giving energy back because we were new, she walked us through the paces and I felt so at home.  I can’t wait to come back.  I’m so jazzed about this.

Sharon King: I came to the Midsummer Retreat to celebrate a new beginning in my life after a divorce and all the ensuing “endings”. I signed up hoping to create a vision of what I wanted in my life and some motivation to make that happen. I got much more than that. Through the activities we did, I really saw how far I had come in the past couple of years, and that gave me a lot of hope. I also created some goals that are already happening in the few weeks since the retreat. Plus, I fell in love with VariYoga and have started a daily practice again. It feels great to be grounded and hopeful. I can’t wait until the next one!

Cynthia Giss: Loved the workshop!  Wonderful stretching, meditating and fun.  My massage therapist said my neck and shoulders were better than she had ever felt them.   Facilities were great and food was good too.

Gigi Holder: I’ve always wanted to go on an official yoga retreat and attending the VariYoga Midsummer Motivation session was a great start! Andrea and Bryan are such wonderful people with amazing spirits that they made the experience very inspirational, relaxing and FUN. Gentle yoga was incorporated throughout the time which focused on re-centering and allowing the participants to tap into their own forms of energy through chanting and meditation. My favorite part was manifesting our goals and dreams through journaling and the creating of our individual dream books. I had a wonderful time amongst wonderful people and I’m so glad that I attended! Thank you, Andrea and Bryan!

Jill Buckle writes: Each individual has the ability to move their lives into the positive domain, shaping their dreams through intention setting, prayer, meditation… whatever one chooses to call it, it is an inborn vehicle contained within all of us… we just need to learn how to drive it!!  We did just that at last weekends “Midsummer Motivation Retreat”.  Through movement, stillness and creativity, Andrea and Bryan helped us all to find that inner guide to help make things happen.  We can’t let our positive dreams for the future sit in stagnant water… we’ve got to do something!  The blessings of change from this amazing experience are already evident.  Give thanks to everyone who was there for sharing your special light!

Kathleen Holloway: (Agency Program Coordinator Hometown Health Improvement)   Andrea and Bryan, thanks so much for including me in your retreat this weekend.  You promised that it might be a life-changing event – and I think you’re right!  I’ve been dragging through the summer, feeling over-worked and suffering burnout.  This weekend was just what I needed to recharge my batteries.  Thanks for facilitating such a wonderfully refreshing weekend.

Patti and Ed Virgadamo: Thank you Andrea and Bryan. The retreat was wonderful.  Meeting new people with common sensibilities, relaxing, meditating, easy yoga, art projects, music, time to collect your thoughts without all the usual distractions of your every day life. . . Why wouldn’t everyone in the world want to attend?   I would encourage anyone to try it and I would add that my husband loved it more than myself.  What a great panacea for the overworked man!  We loved it.

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