What people are saying about AYC Yoga Teacher Training

Charlette Bayala – I know I might say this often – VariYoga makes sense to me more each day as I teach and I think you and Bryan will always be “home” for me when I feel like I need to come back to my roots in my teaching.   

Coral Rose –  Moving to Arkansas from Southern California in 2002 and trying to find someone who even knew what Yoga was, much less somewhere to practice certainly was not easy, until I met Andrea Fournet. Long before Yoga hit mainstream, in 2003 Andrea was the only person I know of teaching Yoga in Northwest Arkansas. In 2005 she opened the beautiful Arkansas Yoga Center in Fayetteville. The Arkansas Yoga center teaches many types of Yoga including Vari-Yoga™ a practice that is safe and accessible for all ages and body types. Personally I have seen incredible health results from practicing Yoga at AYC. All the teachers are exceptional and receive a high level of training most of them from Andrea personally. No matter the style of Yoga or level you enjoy, or if you want to try something new, the Arkansas Yoga Center is sure to have a class that is right for you.

Sandy Prince – When thinking of the intention for my yoga practice this morning I choose gratitude. I have practiced yoga on and off for 20 plus years with Andrea Place Fournet.  I can honestly say that I don’t know how I would have survived many of the trials and tribulations I have faced without my yoga practice. VariYoga nurtures my body, my mind, and my soul.  I have recently completed the 500 hour teacher training program at the Arkansas Yoga Center and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself.   AYC is truly a gift to our community and I invite you to join us to find out for yourself what the authentic spirit of yoga truly is.

Vicky Willis – At the Arkansas Yoga Center I learned the right way of practicing yoga without hurting myself or others.  I came from a family who practiced yoga for years.  I find this place phenomenal and the VariYoga Teacher Training gave me the courage and confidence to practice and teach yoga safely.  AYC is the place for anyone who wants to have a safe lifelong yoga journey as a teacher or student.

Barbara Sieger –  There are many positive features of the AYC teacher training program from which I continue to learn and benefit.  One is the quality and organization of the instructional sessions. The AYC teachers who participated in the teaching and demonstrations provided the trainees with comfort, ease, and safety.   Another feature was the quality of the workshops, especially the one with Dr. Baxter Bell, Yoga and Healthy Aging.  He motivated us all to incorporate yoga into our daily lives for our mental and physical health. Thanks to all the trainees, instructors, Andrea, and Rhonda. You make it happen! 

Christina Luoni –  The 200 hours teacher training program at AYC is simply phenomenal and fun! Complete exposure and training in multiple aspects of yoga and yoga therapy in a very supportive and nurturing environment. Learning to teach yoga has been a journey filled with excellent instructions, friendships, joy and laughter. This journey has taught me a lot about myself and has changed my perspective on life in the best possible ways. This is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Jana Leeper – The training met me precisely where I was on my journey. As a trainee, I learned to do the same for my potential clients and myself. The length, order, and curated content of the program seemed to flow effortlessly. The extent of information I’ve been able to absorb and implement for my students is more than I could have possibly imagined! An approach was truly offered for each individual learning style. It’s evident how much Andrea and Bryan absolutely want each student to succeed! If you want a complete foundation for your yoga/yoga therapy/teaching journey, the Arkansas yoga Center will provide just that.

Judy Harwell – It has been an awesome experience! I would highly recommend the teacher training to everyone. Whether you want to teach or not, it is so much fun! You meet and interact with amazing people, make new friends and learn so much. You will gain knowledge that will forever impact your well-being.

Abby Novak – The 2015 teaching training program has been an opportunity for personal growth. I have been a stay at home mom for thirteen years, so needless to say I was very nervous to sign up for the training. The AYC program has provided me with a holistic yoga and yoga therapy education and I now have the ability to teach a safe inclusive yoga class. Every student in the class has taught me something wonderful about life. It’s been a joy to share my time with the students and instructors. The support I have received during class and outside of class has been very reassuring. Thank you AYC!

Jessica Myers – A good teacher believes in their students so much that eventually the students begin to believe in themselves too. The wealth of information and constant encouragement I received from both Andrea and Bryan during the 200 hour teacher training has given me the confidence to teach yoga and move forward with my plans to someday have my own yoga studio. I never would have dreamed so big prior to my time spent at the Arkansas Yoga Center!

Steven Shull – I have been interested in doing yoga for many years, so to learn more, I enrolled in the 2015 AYC teacher training program. I find it is everything and more than I expected. Andrea and Bryan are both dedicated, knowledgeable, and eager to teach yoga to their students. Initially, I thought the program was rather long and expensive. However, I now appreciate that I have the time to learn and practice what I am being taught. If you are interested in learning about yoga and yoga therapy this program is a great value. I have benefited physically and emotionally and really appreciate the peace, harmony, and friendship found at AYC.

Kelli Janawitz –  Andrea Place Fournet at AYC is of course still going strong.  I tell stories about you and AYC all the time.  Sustainable and high quality, so grateful for my yoga training there. I love the studio photos, they bring me right back.

What people are saying about AYC

Mary Anna Jansen:
Congratulations to you on the 10th year of the Arkansas Yoga Center. A wonderful accomplishment!  I remember when I first took your yoga classes in Fayetteville, in a room adjacent to the hospital grounds. A lot of fun and I am thankful for the great yoga beginning I had.  Here’s to a blessed and happy next 10 yrs.

Whitney Payne:
I have been taking the Sunday yoga class with Stephanee through a large part of my pregnancy. The last time I saw her I was almost 40 weeks pregnant, and I wanted to let her know that our baby Addie came into the world at 5:19 AM on Sunday, September 6th (which is why I was not in class…lol). She was four days late and labor went very well…I think in part because of the yoga classes I had been taking every week.

Jay McDonald:
Yoga provides a format that allows one to maintain strength and aerobic capabilities by adding balance, posture, and movement and flexibility.  Yoga brings all exercise disciplines together.  The staff at Arkansas Yoga Center exemplifies patience that is the hallmark of Yoga practice.  I have had a recent experience of practicing yoga on several occasions in India and this experience reinforced the professional level of the yoga instructors at the Arkansas Yoga Center.

Theresa Newman:
I found you on TV this morning! I have been out of yoga practice for several months but it was so wonderful to flip through channels and there you and your husband were, on your mats practicing yoga!  After following your lead this morning, I realize the benefits I have lost by not attending my classes.  Thank you for reminding me how beneficial yoga is to every part of the body.  I felt the tension and tightness melt away.   Thanks again – you are AWESOME! 🙂

Darcy Bradshaw Reifenberger:
I ordered the VariYoga DVD and watched it for the first time last night.  It brought me so much joy to go through the familiar sequences with Andrea & Bryan.  Thank you SO much- the DVD will not only strengthen my home practice physically but spiritually as well.

Felipe Wurst (Peruvian):
I have very intense low back pain as the result of a psoas muscle injury. I was very worried because the pain was still there after 3 months.  I live in NYC, where I’ve been doing yoga along with YouTube videos, but the pain was very persistent and uncomfortable.  Luckily I was visiting Fayetteville and went to the Arkansas Yoga Center every day I was there.   Really a wonderful time, Andrea Fournet helped me modify the yoga poses specifically for my pain, and also gave me tips on my sleeping posture. That information was key on my healing process! What a relief! I even had a massage session with Teresa Teravainen, which felt like paradise. So finally I feel that I’m on my way to recover from this injury. Now I’m back to NYC and I took one of the Andrea’s DVDs with me, I do the “Yoga for Backs” every day, and it just feels incredible, every posture helps me and as I said, feels great. I’m very grateful for all your help, and I’m looking forward to coming back to AYC soon!   Namaste.

Sophia Gill:
I miss AYC so much!   Haven’t found anything that compares so far. I always greatly appreciated your care to get to know all your practitioners. I see people around me in yoga classes here who could really benefit from your approachable and thoughtful teaching method.   Hope all is well with you.  Sophia Gill writing from Mills College

Danielle Julie Carrier:
My yoga practice has allowed me to become a better teacher and nobly withstand the trials and tribulations associated with a career in research.   Thank you and I very much enjoy your yoga studio.  Kindly,  Danielle Julie Carrier, PhD Professor Biological and Agricultural Engineering University of Arkansas

Sarah Bruton:
AR Yoga Center is a treasure in Northwest Arkansas! The instructors are knowledgeable and help me succeed and reach new goals without any pressure. Andrea is extremely welcoming and has made the center feel like a home. Since practicing yoga here, I have already seen improvements in my flexibility and feel much more in touch with myself. I can work out pain and tension easily. Best of all though, I have really felt more relaxed and have been able to clear my mind of so much stress. I always look forward to classes because the center itself is beautiful and a total refuge from chaos. I am so grateful for AR Yoga Center!

Angela Viator:
I have known and worked with Andrea for years and have always respected her authentic, genuine personality.  When I worked at Jones Television we produced a yoga show hosted by Andrea & it was so hard for me to stay behind the camera while she was teaching…she draws you in & makes you feel the need to participate.  I have recently joined the AR Yoga Center & have been more than impressed by the facilities, teachers and classes available.  I have been doing yoga most of my life & typically practice on my own because the studios are cramped & the atmosphere not ideal, but since joining Andrea’s studio, I feel I have found my ‘yoga home’.

Linda Leseberg:
Congratulations all over again!  I remember buying that issue of Vogue and feeling so proud for Arkansas Yoga.  Your studio definitely deserves the recognition.  It is beautiful, comfortable, welcoming, and so wonderfully ecologically friendly.  Kudos for such an accomplishment!  Oh, on another note: my two students and friends from Camden, who recently attended one of your classes really enjoyed your class, as well as the one they attended the following day.  Thanks for being so helpful and gracious to them.  If I lived closer, I would be visiting more often myself!

Krista Selnau:
Thank you so much for providing a wonderful and healing space for yoga practice in Northwest Arkansas!  I have enjoyed every class I attended and found the teachers at the Arkansas Yoga Center extremely knowledgeable, kind, and welcoming.

Claud H. Sandberg Lacy:
We have been members for about 2 weeks now and both find the Center to be a refreshing and rewarding part of our lives, and we practice there almost every day.  I decided to begin practicing yoga due to a physical problem that suddenly showed up a couple of months ago: terrible lower back pain on awakening every morning. I could barely roll myself out of bed it was so bad, but after a few minutes it went away. After enduring this for a couple of months, I started searching it on the Internet. There are literally tens of thousands of web pages devoted to this specific problem, most of them not very useful to me, but a few that had a specific cure for it.  The root of the problem is a shortening of the psoas muscle, which is a muscle deep within the pelvic region, due to a lifestyle of sitting all day working at a computer.  The specific cure is a pose they call the psoas stretch, which you hold for a couple of minutes on each side.  After doing this for a couple of days, I then awoke with NO pain at all!  Looking into it further, I discovered that this pose is just a variant of a classic yoga “lunging warrior” pose.  It occurred to me that if the cure to this problem was already found in yoga, the cure (or prevention) of other problems that would come up as I aged is surely already part of yoga, so I might as well head them off at the pass and start practicing yoga now.  I foresee that yoga will be an essential part of my life from now on.  

Robin Primm:
Two physicians recommended yoga to a family member for back problems. Since I was going to physical therapy for my back, I decided to try yoga for myself. The staff at Arkansas Yoga Center were immediately welcoming, helpful, and non-judgmental. The instructors provide detailed instruction, and I learn something new each time I go to a practice. My strength and flexibility have improved. I also have much less pain and find that yoga is a great stress reliever!

 Lisa Longino:
Today I went to a hot yoga class for real (at AR Yoga of course). Did not pass out. So, I win. Strength wise it was a challenge for me. The teacher was Lindsay Hutton. Hands down, she gave me the best feedback I have ever had in a yoga class, ever. Maybe it was because it was a small class that she had the time. Once I build back up my strength and maybe my resolve. I will go to another one of her classes.

Andrea Maillard: 
To Andrea, AYC’s incredible instructors and staff,A sincere thank you to all of you for providing such appreciated guidance.  This team of teachers, in this gorgeous space, has enabled small triumphs with every class.  These triumphs carry such resonance; I have discovered a lightness of being unfamiliar until now.  Enjoying effort with ease!

Shelly Friberg: I’d like to take the time to thank Arkansas Yoga Center in Fayetteville for enhancing my life with the opportunity to practice well balanced yoga. I’ve been practicing here for almost a year now and really appreciate the variety of classes and times offered. After I recently spent a week in Missouri attending different yoga studios, I was glad to be back to the thoughtful and helpful instruction from the A.Y.C. staff, a bright and clean facility and friendly faces.  I am left relaxed and focused after each class, with greater peace of mind and look forward to the next. Thank You, Namaste.

Amanda Keen-Zebert, May 2012:  I look forward to visiting AYC every chance I can when I visit Fayetteville.  Last summer, I spent two months in Fayetteville and loved my escape to the welcoming space and instructors at AYC.  Because of the diversity offered at AYC, I learn something different and new from each instructor and each session. I especially enjoy the confidence I get from Andrea’s encouragement and step-by-step help to do poses I never thought I could do, the challenging pace in Nicole’s power flow, and the journeys through awareness in Jimmye’s Kundalini class. Thank you for providing a path and place for sanctuary.

Dr. Linda L. Tichenor,  Sec/Treas SCST
Associate Professor—Biology
University of Arkansas—Fort Smith

As a hurried academic that runs on stress and mind clutter, I entered yoga for the first time as a means of relaxation and meditation.  I was particularly impressed with the life lesson that were shared with me by my first instructor, Bryan Fowler.  He skillfully wove the philosophy of yoga with flow and forms.  I quickly learned the meditative side of the practice and how to invoke the relaxation response by merely breathing.

As I continued in the practice, I began to notice that my horsemanship skills were  becoming better and better.  Not only was I more centered in the saddle with improved balance, I was also becoming more flexible—a characteristic necessary especially when coming off the horse!!   Not that I spend much time on the ground but when I do take a fall, I can rely on yoga to put me back into alignment.

I had to take some time off from yoga practice due to an unrelated illness.  During that time, I could really tell a negative difference in my riding.  I was so much more stiff and sore after a long ride plus found myself with more appointments with the chiropractor!

I am so glad I have found a place where yoga is taught with the wisdom that all bodies are not the same and that some bodies may be undergoing changes and/or problems that may be overcome through variations in the positions.  VariYoga is always reminding us that, “One size does not fit all.”

Thank you for the opportunity to share.







Amanda Keen-Zebert, May 2012:  I look forward to visiting AYC every chance I can when I visit Fayetteville.  Last summer, I spent two months in Fayetteville and loved my escape to the welcoming space and instructors at AYC.  Because of the diversity offered at AYC, I learn something different and new from each instructor and each session. I especially enjoy the confidence I get from Andrea’s encouragement and step-by-step help to do poses I never thought I could do, the challenging pace in Nicole’s power flow, and the journeys through awareness in Jimmye’s Kundalini class. Thank you for providing a path and place for sanctuary.

Laura Held, January 2012: … we are really excited to see the new pricing options you have added, as well as the additional classes in the schedule!! We have a 10-class pass that we bought which I suppose we’ll finish at the beginning of January, and then we look forward to becoming monthly auto-pay members. =)  Thanks for providing this opportunity for us to practice as often as possible. We are so grateful to have found the studio. Happy New Year!

Kate Sutton, January 2012:  I was glad I had the chance to say goodbye the other day before I flew home to England. Please pass on my thanks to all the instructors. I managed to attend classes with many of them and really enjoyed them all. I learnt something from each different style of yoga teaching and personality. I can not express the help that the Arkansas Yoga Centre has provided me over the last 3 weeks. In all my travels this is the kind of centre I wish I could take everywhere with me!  Thank you again and I hope 2012 brings you and your centre much happiness!

Linda Leseberg, November 2011: Thank you, thank you, for giving us such a wealth of helpful information and practical experience on the art of alignment and adjustment. I promptly began applying in my classes the following Monday much of what I learned. (And if I ever get the notes typed which I took during class, I shall recall and implement even moreof what you taught us!)  Thanks, too, to Brian, for printing the certificates for us. How kind and thoughtful of him. You two are the best.

Barbara Pryor, August 2011: Dear Andrea, I so look forward to your yoga studio.  It is the high point of my time in Fayetteville.  Our summer has been such a difficult one that coming to study with you and your great teachers gives me something to look forward to. Many thanks!

Mary Falkavage, August 2011: I have had good results after purchasing your yoga DVD’s, especially your DVD for backs! I have had lumbar scoliosis since age 12 without much discomfort until arthritis latched on.  Your DVD for backs has helped a great deal.  I especially enjoy your presentations daily on Jones TV/Channel 22.  Very beneficial practices to strengthen and restore balance and energy! I hope you will have the daily programs for years to come. Thank you for your kind and cheerful manner.

Meredith Fields, June 2011: I have tried out so many yoga studios here, but no place can hold a candle to the love, happiness and acceptance I felt at AYC. I miss all of you!

Sandy Prince, Hope Cancer Resources, May 2011: Intro. to Yoga was so wonderful.  I feel better already!

Kay Melton writes: Just when I think yoga at the Arkansas Yoga Center can’t get any better…I am proved wrong.  The last two classes, led by Andrea have just been magical, for want of a better word.  Her passion for yoga…continued work on her teaching skills, and her understanding of the philosophical part of the practice of yoga are very evident and very much appreciated.

Margaret Howlett writes, April 2011: In August of 2010, I walked into the Arkansas Yoga Center for the first time. From the moment I met Andrea Fournet, I knew I had found the perfect place. The AYC quickly became my new “yoga” home. I had no idea what a profound difference this practice would make in my life over the last nine months. Ever since I was diagnosed with MS in 2005, I have taken on this mentality that “I have MS, but MS does not have me. MS will not define how I live my life. I will.” After integrating yoga into my daily routine, I began to notice significant differences in my strength and ability to move within just weeks, taking a class every day of the week. My mental attitude and cognitive skills improved. My legs became stronger and my balance had more stability. The fatigue I experienced prior to yoga wasn’t there anymore. My MS symptoms were virtually non-existent. I can’t get rid of my MS, but I can make my body strong enough to deal with it and live my life on my terms. Yoga has changed my life forever. The AYC and VariYoga has become a part of my lifestyle and I invite anyone that wants to help their body feel better and heal to join the Arkansas Yoga Center.

Linda Leseberg, fellow yogi and yoga teacher from South Arkansas, writes: Thanks for all you’re doing to promote healthy bodies and a healthy planet.  Bless you for this commitment to honoring all life on Earth…If I were closer, I would surely be attending many of your workshops.  Thanks again for your wonderful programs on AETN.  I encourage my students to watch you on Sundays, and many of them do-regularly!

Kristi Peterson writes: I have been meaning to email you for weeks to tell you how much Variyoga has changed my life and improved my health.  I have osteoarthritis and before I turned 50, had to have a total shoulder replacement due to loss of cartilage.  It is imperative for me to keep working on my flexibility, and your show makes it so much easier and more fun to do just that.  I love how Variyoga can be adapted to my own body and flexibility issues. Since beginning my practice, I have noticed a remarkable increase in my range of motion, and my body feels SOOOO much better.  I’m so glad I finally found you! I record every morning episode on my DVR, and have saved some of my favorites so that every morning, I can do 2 classes in a row.  My favorites are those with both Andrea and Brian, since the pace seems to be a bit faster, but I do enjoy them all.  I’m so grateful to you and to Jones TV.  You are really offering an amazing service to the Arkansas area, and I hope you never stop!

Pan Adams-McCaslin writes: VariYoga with Andrea.” What a treat to be channel surfing and finding Andrea promoting health and wellness.

Matt Neumayer writes: Thank you for the yoga lesson tonight.  I’m still “buzzing” from the energy.  If I can get this kind of energy from an “Intro to Yoga” class, I really can’t wait to do more. I have a broken L4 in my back and a torn shoulder.  I didn’t feel stress on either.  In fact, it helped. The teacher was a pro. Even though we were not giving energy back because we were new, she walked us through the paces and I felt so at home.  I can’t wait to come back.  I’m so jazzed about this.

Maureen A. Gruich writes: You are a phenomenal blessing.  I have “dabbled” in Yoga over 30 years…I am so ready to be consistent and honor what I know to be true.  VariYoga is a beautiful recognition of our different gifts.  Thank you.  I hope, one day, to be able to come to the Arkansas Yoga Center (AYC) and join in a class there.  I am so grateful to you & the Jones’ network for giving us your gift throughout the day.

Dee Callaham writes: I first found out about your DVD through an article in Arkansas-Democrat probably over a year or so ago.  I have acute scoliosis (S-Curve) and have all kinds of pain.  Honestly, I was not taking time to use the DVD until recently.  I had a pinched sciatic nerve and nothing was helping, so I started your yoga DVD again.  It did the trick!  My chiropractor was amazed and wanted the DVD.  I will have to ask her if she wants me to share her name with you.  As far as moving my spine in 6 natural ranges of movement, there is nothing natural about my spine! Ha!  In case you are wondering, I am 59 years old and have never had any surgery.  Anyway, thank you very much for the pain relief!

Barbara Pryor (wife of Senator David Pryor and mother of Senator Mark Pryor) writes: The overwhelming sense I get when I walk into my class at the Arkansas Yoga Center is “serenity”.  The noise and confusion of the outside world suddenly vanishes as our class begins.  It is my moment of calm and relaxation.  The green building, the tasteful and peaceful grounds, the splendid teachers make this unique place very special.

Eileen Kohnke writes: AYC  is a Beautiful and Restful location; a very soul-nurturing environment!
Must tell you that this past Sunday’s Yoga program at 4 pm (on AETN) was just what I needed:  your show of (sitting on sofa) and going through all the NECK exercises and stretches was very Beneficial for me!
Bryan’s many students who work with him are Very Grateful that he shares his…Expertize, Patience, Wisdom and nurturing-soul Philosophy with us — not to mention that very special Humor**.   Thank you both for guiding us on our Journey of Health.

Meredith Schwarz (visitor from Florida) writes: I loved your class!  It was better than a massage.

Sarah Lind writes: The Arkansas Yoga Center (AYC) is a place of peace, professionalism and a means to transform your life.  Being an avid runner for many years has resulted in tight hips, inflexible hamstrings, and chronic back pain.   My body was not prepared for my first yoga class at AYC, but over time my body changed.  My hunch and back pain are gone and occasional pain can be remedied with a simple yoga class.   I feel grateful for the teachers at AYC and Andrea for giving this community a place of healing and love.   Yoga has given me a healthier body, peace of mind knowing I have the strength to change, and enhance the quality of person I am everyday.

Marne Coit writes: I am writing to let you know how much I enjoy being a student at the Arkansas Yoga Center (AYC) and I want to express my appreciation for what a wonderful space and community you have created in NW Arkansas.  AYC is a fantastic place to practice yoga.  The building itself is open and inviting and obviously planned very carefully with a lot of attention to detail.   As you know, I have been attending classes regularly for about 3 ½ years.  Because of the variety of classes that are offered and the depth of knowledge of the instructors, every class continues to offer something new.  I know that no matter how I am feeling – emotionally, mentally, spiritually – before class, I always walk out feeling better.   Thank you for this wonderful space!

Peter Scoppa writes: The Arkansas Yoga center has been a part of my life for almost three years now.  It has become a part of my life.  Andrea has carved out a special place for us here in North West Arkansas.  The classes are designed for all levels of practice and the instructors are wonderful in guiding us on our path to a healthier body and mind. This is something special that you can do for yourself, in the community of wonderful and caring people.

Susy Manon writes: For me the Arkansas Yoga Center means all my Yoga development…  I’ve learned that “Not one size fits all”, VARIYOGA, I’ve learned that Yoga is one, Yoga is personal, Yoga is a way of living…  This beautiful Yoga Center is committed to education because there are always very interesting workshops, beautiful because of the place and its owner, teachers and students. The energy is great…  I love to practice and teach at AYC…  Namaste!!

Leeann Collins writes: I began doing yoga with Andrea when my boys went to kindergarten–they will be at Fayetteville High School this fall!  When my girls were at Woodland Junior High they walked over to the Arkansas Yoga Center for the Teen Yoga classes.  During summer breaks I have continued to involve my 4 kids in the yoga classes and it’s become a family affair.  We do yoga at home and have made it a part of our life style.  Yoga is a great way to exercise and de-stress.  It’s a life long activity for the whole family!!

Marilyn Swartwood writes: Last year I was treated successfully for breast cancer. Practicing yoga at the AYC has helped to restore my health, strength, and energy, and brings peace and contentment to my life. I love being in its beautiful and calm environment. I love the professional and nurturing approach of each instructor. I love the positive natures and generosity of all the staff and students I’ve met. Thank you AYC.

Ganga and Tracey writes: Andrea has created a beautiful and nourishing Yoga oasis. The community at the Arkansas Yoga Center abounds with Southern hospitality, and their enthusiasm, dedication and positive energy are evident in their practice.

Karen Minkel writes: I think you and the yoga center are an incredible asset to Fayetteville.

Jimmye Whitfield writes: Thank you for ALL the laborious hidden tasks you have had to perform to bring all this together.  I greatly appreciate this entire yogic atmosphere you have created here in Fayetteville!
What a gift you have given, right at our feet!

Geoff Oelsner writes: Andrea,I greatly appreciate the sacred space you’ve created.
Thank you and Namaste,  Buddhist Meditation Group

Sheila Coffman writes: I am a huge fan of Andrea’s. I love her lastest DVD that I purchased!  I have purchased other yoga DVD’s at my local Hasting’s & online and although they are good, they tend to be more about the actual moves & not the breath! I get a complete yoga experience with Andrea’s teaching!  Thank you for such a great addition to my normal day.

Rev. Denise Schubert writes: Andrea I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it made me to find your center and you….  Without really great yoga I could not possibly move to Fayetteville.  Since you are there I am indeed moving.

Tami Thomas writes: My experiences at the Arkansas Yoga Center include the following: Increased flexibility and agility, a sense of accomplishment,  muscle strength, spiritual growth, laughter, and relaxation.  It’s one of my favorite places to “Be”.

Lila Rostenberg writes: Taking classes at the Arkansas Yoga Center is the best thing I have ever done for myself!  The Center is so peaceful and beautiful, like an oasis right in our neighborhood!  The friendly instructors are knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping students get the most from their classes.  Since begining yoga classes, I feel stronger and “better” than I ever have.  In fact, I tell friends that taking yoga classes at AYC is one of my favorite forms of  “Health Insurance”!

Deb Potochnik writes: We are incredibly fortunate to have the Arkansas Yoga Center here in Fayetteville.  Andrea’s years of experience, combined with the other thoroughly trained instructors promise an exceptional yoga experience.  The classes are fun, informative and so many variations and new poses are offered that it’s easy to stay engaged with one’s practice.  Add to this, famous and talented guest teachers and a beautiful, healthful setting and we are blessed with a world class yoga center right here in Fayetteville.

Kay Melton writes: Yoga, led by Andrea, has been a part of my life for several years.  She was my introduction to the practice of yoga.  That was way before the lovely new  Arkansas Yoga Center was completed.  I am healthier, more agile and flexible since I began regular yoga practice.  It also adds a richness to my life  not only physically, but also emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  The passion for the practice of yoga  by the teachers at the center is the key to the success of Arkansas Yoga Center..

Margaret Hart writes: I first went to AYC on the recommendation of an equestrian friend when it was at the Washington Regional Center for Exercise. My main objective was to improve my riding skills and work on asymmetries that effect both horse and rider. Ten years later I have indeed made physical improvements in core strength and body awareness as well as all the other benefits we all enjoy in both body and soul from practicing Yoga.
I feel we are truly fortunate to have, the Arkansas Yoga Center, such a serene and beautiful place to practice in our community, with such exceptional teachers to guide us.

Mona Lorimer writes: After rupturing several discs in my back about five years ago, my doctor suggested I try yoga to strengthen my back muscles.  I started at the Arkansas Yoga Center in about October 2006 and I have not had any major back issues since doing yoga 1-2 times a week. It has also helped my all around physical and mental health. I have lots of flexibility in my joints and I attribute Yoga for my good health.

David E. Longer, Ph.D writes: I was dragged, somewhat reluctantly, into my first yoga class by my wife who said “it will be good for you”. That is also what wives say when they want you to quit drinking beer and eating cheeseburgers “it will be good for you” so it does raise suspicion and red flags in cautious types like me.
So I went. Not bad, little awkward at first, but not bad. The second session was better, some of the faces were a bit more familiar and now, after four years of regular practice, defined as once or twice a week, I am a full-fledged believer.
The benefits have been profound. The stiffness and soreness after prolonged car and air travel are gone. In fact, as I am writing this, I sit at my desk after just completing an all night transoceanic flight that lasted nine hours. In addition, the flexibility needed for golf is much improved as well. The shoulder turn is easier and the rotation through impact is solid and comfortable.
So yes, I really enjoy yoga and the benefits derived. All of this started and continues at the Arkansas Yoga Center which is a fun place to begin and improve on yoga skills.

Elizah Funke writes:  I am 8 years old and my name is Elizah.  I said that yoga is real good on Sunday because it makes me get relaxed and ready for school!  I really like yoga and my yoga teacher too so you should go to Arkansas Yoga Center!

JoAnne Phillips writes:  I was sitting in Bryan’s class tonight and I was just so glad I started doing yoga. I have really enjoyed all the classes I have taken. The teachers are great and the facility is just so wonderful. I can tell such a difference in my body’s range of motion now as compared to before I started in January. Yoga has been a great addition to my life on a mental and physical level. Thank you for your encouragement and kindness.

Sue Martin writes:  This has been a fantastic 8 weekends of Teacher Training. You’ve both demonstrated so much love and devotion to yoga, to us, and to our world. It’s been a time to expand our minds, go beyond our limitations, learn, and make new friends.

Jack Kroeck writes:  In response to AYC in Vogue: Congratulations…you know, from the first time I met Andrea I recognized that quality of difference in her…she has that special something that just keeps moving forward.

Jane Saunders writes:  In Response to the Midsummer Motivation Retreat: I agree that this weekend was a wonderful journey for all of us. I personally felt very blessed to have been a part of it with so many interesting and loving people. The yoga sessions were just what I needed in order to help me set my own tone for all the other fun and creative aspects of the retreat.

Mary Kennedy writes:  I’m thoroughly enjoying the Teacher Training and really appreciate your incremental approach. It’s in harmony with everything else about the center and VariYoga, all of which resonates very well with what I consider the true spirit of yoga.

Karl Straub writes:  How was the workshop such as stand out success? I credit Andrea’s tireless dedication to her yoga practice and serving her students, building a happy and eager yoga community, and reaching deep into her resources and vision to create a new custom designed, eco-conscious(and really beautiful) yoga center in Fayetteville. It is quite a sight to behold. The sold-out success of my workshop is a tribute to Andrea, Bryan, and the rest of the AYC team. It was simply perfect, and I recommend AYC without hesitation.

Bill Whitworth (Happy AYC Student!) writes:  The last two Saturdays I came to yoga and then played golf, I had my two best rounds of the year, and didn’t have to warm up.

Jan Newlin writes:  When I am at AYC I feel like I am some place other than here. The vibes are glorious. Thanks!