“Moving to Arkansas from Southern California in 2002 and trying to find someone who even knew what Yoga was, much less somewhere to practice certainly was not easy, until I met Andrea Fournet. Long before Yoga hit mainstream, in 2003 Andrea was the only person I know of teaching Yoga in Northwest Arkansas. In 2005 she opened the beautiful Arkansas Yoga Center in Fayetteville. The Arkansas Yoga center teaches many types of Yoga including Vari-Yoga™ a practice that is safe and accessible for all ages and body types. Personally I have seen incredible health results from practicing Yoga at AYC. All the  teachers are exceptional and receive a high level of training most of them from Andrea personally. No matter the style of Yoga or level you enjoy, or if you want to try something new, the Arkansas Yoga Center is sure to have a class that is right for you.”  ~Coral Rose