Remember Your Feet

remeber your feet
Our feet are the physical foundation of our body. Take a few minutes each day and bring restoration and healing to your feet. These exercises will help balance and align bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, plus enhances blood flow and nerve conductivity.

From a seated position either in a chair or on the floor, hold one foot in the opposite hand (for example, your right foot in your left hand). Modify your position as necessary so you can safely access the different parts of your foot.



Place your hand on top of the foot and draw the toes toward you. Then press the toes from underneath. Continue moving the toes back and forth several times. You may also move the entire foot back and forth, including the ankle, as much as is comfortable. Start with the big toe, rotate twist and pull each toe for several seconds. Respect your toe joints and do not twist or pull too hard.



Interlace the fingers between the toes. You may only be able to use the fingertips at first. Respect your limitations as your flexibility increases. Twist the foot with the fingers interlaced between the toes, twisting the end of the foot separately from the heel. Do this for about thirty seconds, then spread the fingers and remove them from between the toes.


Press your fingers into the top of the foot and the thumbs into the bottom of the foot. Gently massage every part of your foot, from the ends of the toes to the heel, being careful when massaging the sensitive inner arch and center of the foot, which stimulates the abdominal area. (Be particularly careful in massaging this area during the latter part of pregnancy, and avoid massaging the Achilles tendon above the heel and behind the ankle.)

Make a fist and rub your knuckles from the base of the toes to the heel. Giggle when appropriate. Rub for several seconds. Gently tap the knuckles against the sole of the foot from the ball of the foot to the heel.

Make sure the wrists are loose, shake them out, and then gently slap the top and bottom of the foot for a few seconds.

Hold your foot just above the ankle, allow it to hang loosely, and then shake the foot for several seconds. Release your foot back to the floor and discover the marvelous difference this exercise made by comparing it to the foot that is waiting patiently for its turn. Now, repeat this process for the other foot!

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