Looking for a Yoga class that will work for you?  We offer many levels of classes.  Our certified and experienced teachers are here for you to assist you in receiving the maximum experience out of your session.

If you are a practicing yogi and are looking for more than the basics then try any of our Level 1-3 Yoga, OR Level 2-3 Yoga classes for a variety of asana flows along with some deep stretching. Inversions are often taught in these classes as well.

Our Level 2-4 Power Flow classes will help you stoke your inner fire and burn away impurities. Be prepared to sweat.

We welcome you at what ever level you consider yourself to be. Come join us even if it is for a Level 1–2 Yoga.  The benefits of a yoga practice will carry you through your day, week, month, YOUR life.  Your well being is our top priority.