Compassionate Communication Workshop

Why is Compassionate Communication important in Our World? 

Most of us are hungry for skills to that can improve the quality of our relationships, increase our contribution through our work, and deepen our sense of personal empowerment.  However, most of us have been educated from birth to compete, judge, demand and diagnose… and to think and communicate in ways that create distrust and alienation, rather than connection. At best, these habitual ways we think and speak hinder communication and create misunderstanding and frustration.  

Without wanting to, even people with the best of intentions stimulate needless conflict in their lives. And still worse, they can cause anger and pain, and may lead to violence, either physical or emotional.

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This workshop will sharpen your skills in three areas: 

1) Honest Expression: Learn how to express your needs authentically without criticism or blame, in a way that inspires compassion and understanding, and makes clear requests of others without demanding.

2) Empathic Listening: Listen to others with empathy in ways that communicate compassion and deep understanding of people’s values and needs. 

3) Self-Understanding: Develop greater understanding of your needs and motivations, so that you have more openness and flexibility about ways to pursue your needs in a way that does not harm yourself or others. 


Jeff Brown has been providing training, coaching and mediation to individuals, teams and organizations for over 20 years. People who experience Jeff describe him as having a combination of authenticity, conceptual clarity and playful humor that engages audiences of all kinds.

Since 2005, Jeff has been a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, an international organization founded by the American Psychologist and international peacemaker, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.

Jeff served has led trainings in 30 U.S. states and 8 countries including the Netherlands, Romania, Germany, South Korea, Denmark, Japan and the U.K.

Jeff has a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and is trained in the restorative justice practices of community mediation, victim-offender reconciliation, and Restorative Circles.


If you are interested in the Jeff Brown Workshop, here is a link with more information and you can sign up:



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