Bryan Fowler Workshop

You heard the call of yoga. You’ve started to experience the benefits from your practice. You’ve decided to increase your knowledge through workshops and training. But through it all that pesky Sanskrit has been a barrier, or at least a mystery.

Come with us and unravel some of the mysteries of Sanskrit and learn how basic understanding can open your eyes, your practice, your teaching, and help connect you with the entire world.

In this weekend workshop, you will have the opportunity to find your voice in speaking the words, as well as applying them to teaching yoga. We will also explore chanting and Kirtan (singing). Let intimidation fall by the wayside… this is going to be FUN! 

The chants and Sanskrit songs have several purposes. One is to reinforce principles and ideas that bring betterment to ourselves individually as well as to all humankind, and another is to bring peace and centeredness to the self through meditative chanting and singing. No religion is required whatsoever, and everyone is respected for their individual journey. 

For over 17 years Bryan has followed a passionate call to share the benefits of yoga. For his entire lifetime he has been creating music. The joining of his passion for music and for yoga culminates in chanting and singing in Sanskrit.

Bryan invites you to join us for a musical celebration of life and a demystifying introduction to the wonderful language of yoga. Sanskrit!

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