Yoga offers an array of physical, mental and emotional benefits.

The benefits of yoga are well documented.

You can expect to

  • Improve joint and muscle flexibility
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Normalize weight
  • Improve posture
  • Decrease back pain

Andrea Fournet of the Arkansas Yoga Center practices an open-minded form of yoga called VariYoga. With this type of Yoga Therapy, your mood and attention can improve as our meditation techniques help bring mental calmness and stress relief.

The VariYoga approach includes a therapeutic understanding and intelligently weaves together the various aspects of yoga. Optimal body alignment ensures safety in the poses and creates harmony in the body and mind.

The American Osteopathic Society confirms all the benefits listed above with their own list of benefits, which also include improved health of the circulatory and respiratory systems, greater protection from injury, and enhanced athletic performance. Yoga is also known to help delay or prevent many of the negative effects of aging. As Andrea says, “My chiropractor, told me at age 28, if I wanted to be healthy, flexible and vibrant at age 60 that I had better get serious about yoga as a preventative measure for aging. I think his advice worked!!!”



Satisfying, pleasurable regular exercise

Regular exercise has been shown to reduce the likelihood of many diseases, from diabetes to heart disease, while improving overall quality of life. Yoga is for many people a type of regular exercise that is pleasurable — and therefore easy to commit to. At the Arkansas Yoga Center, the welcoming, nonjudgmental atmosphere and friendly classes help people enjoy the practice. Our extensive schedule of classes makes it easy to fit yoga into your life. And the classes are so enjoyable that you don’t want to skip.

While the physical benefits of yoga are supported by decades of research, AYC instructor Ginny Herrmann expresses the intangible benefits of yoga when she says, “Yoga has been a wonderful tool in my life, not only helping me maintain a healthy body, even through pregnancies, but also teaching me the importance of living in the present. As a mom of two young kids, it is sometimes hard for me to find the time to practice, but I have found that taking time for my mind and body makes me a better version of myself, a better mom and wife.”

Come discover for yourself the great benefits of yoga training.