Jay McDonald

The staff at Arkansas Yoga Center exemplifies patience that is the hallmark of Yoga practice.

Sandy Prince

VariYoga nurtures my body, my mind, and my soul. AYC is truly a gift to our community and I invite you to join us to find out for yourself what the authentic spirit of yoga truly is.

Vicky Willis

The Arkansas Yoga Center is a phenomenal space and the VariYoga Teacher Training gave me the courage and confidence to practice and teach yoga safely.  AYC is the place for anyone who wants to have a safe lifelong yoga journey as a teacher or student.

Krista Selnau

Thank you so much for providing a wonderful and healing space for yoga practice in Northwest Arkansas!  I have enjoyed every class I attended and found the teachers at the Arkansas Yoga Center extremely knowledgeable, kind, and welcoming.

Darcy Bradshaw Reifenberger

I ordered the VariYoga DVD and it brought me so much joy to go through the familiar sequences with Andrea & Bryan.  Thank you SO much- the DVD will not only strengthen my home practice physically but spiritually as well.

Arianna Gaesswitz

Now that my back strain has gotten better, I have eased back into yoga, supta padangusthasana sequence is saving me yet again! Thanks to VariYoga for this sequence, accessible poses, and the philosophy of honoring our bodies (apparently I needed this reminder). I don’t think my back would be healing so quickly if it wasn’t for VariYoga!

Margaret Howlett

I have MS, but MS does not have me. MS will not define how I live my life. I will. After integrating VariYoga into my daily routine, I began to notice significant differences in my strength and ability to move within just weeks, taking a class every day of the week.  The AYC and VariYoga has become a part of my lifestyle and I invite anyone that wants to help their body feel better and heal to join the Arkansas Yoga Center.

Mandy Warford

I am a Jazzercise instructor who has been feeling lately like I needed to add some more stretching to my life – and I found your weekly show on PBS – and I just wanted to say I am so enjoying working out with you. I have never done Yoga and don’t know a lot about it, but I like what you do! Your explanations make it so easy to understand and to follow. And I love the soft relaxing music, provided by your daughter! I was very disappointed to learn that you are in Fayetteville! (I am in Little Rock). I think I will get the DVD that is on your website. Just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to the world of Yoga!

Karl Straub

“AYC is a beautiful custom-built yoga studio, with dedicated team, and caring well-trained teachers.  It`s the only studio I can think of for a thousand miles that is built from the ground up specifically for yoga.  Totally unique.  I highly recommend!”  – Karl Straub

Ashley Wilson

I’m so glad I ran into you, Andrea!  AYC is a symbol of healing for me, and I’m grateful for you and all who make that space possible for the community and beyond. I’ll be back again soon, as always! ❤

Charlotte Bayala

I also want to thank you for the training you provided me…. My training at AYC has always been my foundation. It gives me the sense of stability I need in order to search for more answers as I learn. What you and Bryan have given me is the knowledge I need to be able to want to know more. So I guess you can say AYC Training has been my rock. 

Erin Cohen

I have been a student at Arkansas Yoga Center for the past 10 years, and I made a commitment to myself and my yoga practice by taking the Arkansas Yoga Center Teacher Training in the spring and summer of 2016. It has truly been an inspirational process for me.  This program is truly world class.  Andrea and her fellow teachers create a teaching and learning environment full of knowledge, patience, empathy, openness, and community.  I feel a new strength and confidence, and I am more motivated to begin my yoga teaching journey and to continue my life long yoga practice! 

Coral Rose

“Moving to Arkansas from Southern California in 2002 and trying to find someone who even knew what Yoga was, much less somewhere to practice certainly was not easy, until I met Andrea Fournet. Long before Yoga hit mainstream, in 2003 Andrea was the only person I know of teaching Yoga in Northwest Arkansas. In 2005 she opened the beautiful Arkansas Yoga Center in Fayetteville. The Arkansas Yoga center teaches many types of Yoga including Vari-Yoga™ a practice that is safe and accessible for all ages and body types. Personally I have seen incredible health results from practicing Yoga at AYC. All the  teachers are exceptional and receive a high level of training most of them from Andrea personally. No matter the style of Yoga or level you enjoy, or if you want to try something new, the Arkansas Yoga Center is sure to have a class that is right for you.”  ~Coral Rose

Elizabeth Vos

My favorite place in Fayetteville, by far.  Wonderful, amazing teachers, I can’t say enough about how utterly incredibly AYC is. Go and see for yourself, it is 10000% worth it. – Elizabeth Vos

Roger Penny

I’ve continued my VariYoga practice at home since work has kept me from attending live sessions. It truly is a sustainable and enjoyable yoga practice that I absolutely love. Thank you for bringing this yoga to NWA and creating such a welcoming space to practice, I just wish I could get in and enjoy it more!

With love and light,  Roger Penny