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200 Hour Training Schedule –       2016 Graduates
March – August 2017       200-hour

Students will be taught to identify and teach over 50 poses, as well as understand alignment and muscular awareness in the poses. Students will be instructed in the importance of sequencing and the use of props to help students with physical restrictions and a basic understanding of breath work and how to teach it to beginners.

Anatomy & Physiology – Students will be instructed in general A&P principles and how they apply to teaching yoga. The twelve bodily systems will be covered, as well as osteology, neurology, myology, endocrinology, and visceral organs, along with nutrition and diet information. Meditation, Sanskrit, chakras, mudras, and chanting – Students are given an introduction to basic techniques.  Asana – over 50 poses included in basic teacher training. Alignment – joints and body positions. Muscular awareness – contraction, extension, balance and release. Sequencing – 14 VariYoga Sequences presented. Creative use of props. Therapeutic essentials* and assisting students with physical restrictions. Pranayama – breath work.

March 11-12     Immersion #1
April 1-2            Immersion #2
April 22-23        Feldenkrais/Adjustments & Chair Workshop  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC & WORTH CE CREDIT FOR TEACHERS
May 6-7            Immersion #3     
May 20-21        Yin Yoga/Adjustments Workshop OPEN TO THE PUBLIC & WORTH CE CREDIT FOR TEACHERS
June 3-4           Immersion #4 
June 24-25       Immersion #5 
July 8-9            Immersion #6
July 29-30        Immersion #7
August 12-13   Bhakti Sanskrit Weekend Workshop
August 26-27   Immersion #8 

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The Arkansas Yoga Center has been training and certifying teachers in Northwest Arkansas since 1998. Our program provides a strong foundation in the basic principles of Hatha yoga. In addition to traditional yoga poses and VariYoga sequences, the immersion weekends include yoga therapy (treatments for ADHD, depression, MS, anxiety, loss, PTSD), information on alignment, anatomy and physiology as it applies to yoga, an introduction to yoga philosophy and history, meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques).

The confidence, technique, and knowledge you will gain from this all-inclusive training will deepen your understanding and appreciation for your own yoga practice and enable you to become an educated instructor. Upon successful completion of the program, which includes practicum sessions and a written test, your certification qualifies you to register with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour RYT level.

You are invited to enroll in our Teacher Training Program to deepen your knowledge of yoga even if you do not
want to be an instructor.

**The yoga therapy components of our course(s) are based on the VariYoga® method, not derived from our status as an RYS® with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Call us at 479-521-9642 or email us at for more registration details.


“After taking classes at the Arkansas Yoga Center I soon discovered the healing and strengthening benefits of yoga – mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am so thankful and excited to share all I have learned through the teacher training at AYC and for the new lifelong friends i have made! Come be a part of the AYC family.” – Mia Moon



“I want to express my overwhelming appreciation for you accepting and graduating me in the Arkansas Yoga Center’s 200 hour yoga teaching training program. As expected, the class enhanced my life spiritually, philosophically, mentally, and physically. However, an unexpected benefit was learning how to sing. Before taking the class on chanting, I had never been able to sing. Because of the hours of chanting, I now sing with confidence, especially when harmonizing with others. It is so much fun to sing now.”  – Harry McDermott

“I feel confident in my abilities after completing the 200 hour yoga teacher training program at AYC. I am good in front of groups, I am empathetic, detail oriented, and able to communicate well.  The knowledge I have received from all the amazing teachers  will make me the best yoga teacher I can possibly be.”    – Erin Cohen